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Welcome to Layton's HomeSpun Manipulatives


        These are things I have compiled with the help From Cheyrl, Anita and MaPiggy. Thanks for helping me create a wonderful theme like this to share with others.

        (1) Baby Time

        For a group game have the children take turns sitting a medium sized blanket

        for this time. The rest of the group kneel around the edge of the blanket. Let

        each child lift a baby laying in the middle of the blanket, rock the baby and

        sing it a lullaby. Now let them lay the baby down and cover it with a little


        (2) Q-Tip painting

        Let the children pain with q-tips and pastel paint on small pieces of paper.

        Frame their baby paintings on pastel construction paper, it turns out pretty.

        (3) Show And Tell

        Have one of your friends or parents who have a baby, bring the baby to your

        daycare or preschool for show and tell. Let the children watch the mother

        with the baby while she feeds it a bottle, feeds it food and let them ask all

        the questions they want about the baby and mother.

        (4) Sensory Baby Time

        Put baby dolls in the sensory area with soap and wash clothes. You may

        add clothes, diapers, empty bottles of powder, baby toys, etc.......

        (5.) Magic Painting Bag

        You need 1/4 cup of liquid laundry starch, 3 tablespoons of powdered tempra

        paint, a large ziplock plastic bag, masking or cloth tape and several colors

        of construction paper. Mix the starch and paint together and put a glob of it

        into the plastic bag. Squeeze out the air before "zipping" the bag closed.

        Putting a piece of tape across the top of the baggie will prevent any leaks.

        Gently smooth the bag to distribute the paint. Then show the children how to

        rub his hands over the bag, making swirls and designs. The fingerpainting

        can be done on a table or the floor or on a lap tray. For a colorful effect slip

        a piece of construction paper under the bag to see how it changes the color

        of the paint.

        (6) Putting a baby to bed

        On white paper, have the children glue cut out pictures from magazines, of

        a baby to paper. Older children can draw their own babies. Then give them

        small pieces of felt or fabric to glue over the baby as a blanket. Can also

        glue picture of a teddy bear or other stuffed animal for the baby to sleep with.

        Now the baby is ready to sleep!

        (7) Baby items to name during circle time:

        In a diaper bag collect baby pacifiers, bottles, diapers, formula, newborn

        clothes, baby wipes, baby food jars, etc...ask each child to name the object

        and what it is used for.

        (8) Baby Photos

        Have parents bring a photo of their child when he or she was a baby (without

        the children knowing). Mix them all up and see if each child can pick out

        their own pictues. Have the children discuss what they remember about

        being babies. Let them crawl around. Perhaps even eat a jar of applesauce

        baby food with a little cinnamon added. It is fun to remember being smaller.

        (9) Poem for baby's

        Little fingers, Little toes, Little mouth, Little nose.

        Little ears, with which to hear, Little Baby, so precious and dear.

        (10) Collage

        Provide scraps of assorted baby gift wrap, pastel wall paper and snips of

        pastel ribbon and yarn to glue on construction paper back ground.

        (11) Have a tasting Party

        Try tasting several varieties of baby foods. Talk about why the food is smooth

        and why it is soft and the purpose of teeth for babies.

        (12) Baby Grows Poem

        Five little fingers on his hand, Five little fingers on that,

        A dear little nose, A mouth like a rose,

        Two cheeks so tiny and fat, Two eyes and two ears,

        And ten little toes, That is the way the baby grows.

        (13) Baby's Nap Poem

        This is a baby ready for a nap, Lay her down in her mother's lap.

        Cover her head up so she won't peep, Rock her until she's fast asleep.

        (14) Flannel Board Rhyme

        Here is a baby so soft and small (place the baby on the board).

        His legs can't walk, so he must crawl.

        He drinks from a bottle (place a baby bottle on the board).

        And naps in a crib (place a crib on the board).

        He dribbles his food, so he wears a bib (place a bib on the board).

        When his pants are wet, he starts to cry (place a diaper on the board).

        His mom will change him so he'll be dry (place a mother on the board).

        (15) Sensory baby time

        Wash the baby's in the sensory area, supply sponges, cut in half for

        scrubbing. To end the activity pass out washclothes to wrap the babies

        up in.

        (16) Feely things to guess at

        Place baby items such as a baby brush, a bor of baby soap, a cotton

        ball, a pacifier, a rubber teether and a rattle, etc. in a feely box or a bag.

        Have the children take turns feeling an item and guessing what it is by

        it's feel in the box or bag.

        (17) Hand Prints from Home

        Send a large piece of white construction paper home and have each family

        member of the child's family draw or have drawn their hand on the paper.

        Each person could then decorate the ahand print to reflect their likes. Some

        can have glitter, stickers, rings, nail polish,etc. Display them on your pre-

        school bulletin board for sharing with other's.

        (18) A Me Museum

        Have each child bring in a baby picture and some items such as clothing,

        toys, etc. they had when they were babies. Set these items up on some

        shelves and each child gets to talk about what she has brought in to share.

        (19) Baby Warmer Ideas

        The heartwarming thoughts of a quilt welcoming new babies and celebrating

        weddings for four generations create symbols of family love and faith.

        (20) Family Scrap Books

        Creat a scrap book! Collect photographs, postcards, souveniers and other

        items from your favorite family activities. Save them in an album or a box.

        Bring them to share with friends.

        (21) ALL about Me Book

        Students do one page at a time, Pages may be already labeled or children,

        if able to, may copy heading from your chalk board. My name is: My color

        I like the best: I live at: I wake up: I go to sleep at: and so on, with the

        children filling in the blank and making pictures to go along with the

        sentence. A the end, teacher compiles all saved papers and makes a book

        for each child. Yes, it's a lot of work, but Each parent will keep it forever!

        (22) Block Corner People

        Take a full body picture of each child standing. After having the film develop-

        ed, cut out around each child, stick the pictures to a wood unit block, cover

        with contact paper, and let the kids play with them. They can build them-

        selves houses or just use their imaginations. You can also do this with each

        family member in a family.

        (23) Family Finger Play (Hold up appropriate size finger for each person)

        This is my mother, so sweet and nice.

        This is my father, who hugs me twice.

        This is my brother, so big and tall.

        This is my sister, who's till quite small.

        This is my baby, so little you see.

        All different sizes in my family, you can see!

        (A great flannel board story too!)

        (24) My Family Story

        If you Peek into my room at night (stand on toes as if peeking).

        My family will see you (nodding your head).

        They kiss my face and tuck me in tight (blow kisses out to everyone).

        Why? Because they love me! (Hug yourself as you tell this!)

        (25) Bean Bag People

        Make Bean Bag People from old baby socks and larger socks (white).

        Fill one sock with rice, sew it closed, place it inside the other sock and

        sew it closed again. Careful not to fill so full that they are hard and un-

        yielding. Draw on faces with permanent markers. Put them in the block

        or doll house area's.

        (26) Shaving for fun

        Shaving cream, tooth paste roller uppers, bowls, towels, worm water, mirrors

        Have everything ready to use. Let the child shave like daddy by squirting

        small amounts of shabing cream into his or her hand and letting them rub it

        onto their faces, arms or legs. Give each child a tooth past roller or a craft

        stick to pretend it is a razor. Boys and girls will enjoy it. Be sure to wipe

        off area when the child is finished. Using scented shaving cream is fun,too!

        (27) Family Caption Book

        Each child is given a book at the beginning of the year with a caption on

        each page. Books can be made using newsprint or construction paper.

        Examples are: My mother is special because........or My dad can.. or

        My Grand Parents are special because.... or my brother or sister can.....!

        Each day the children are asked to draw a different picture and complete

        the sentence with your help. I wonderful book to bring home and read!

        (28) Family Collage

        Have the children go through magazines and find pictures of all the things

        their mothers do. Cut them out and glue them onto construction paper. The

        same can be done for dads. Another variation is to have the children cut

        out pictures to represent the people in their family and the things they like

        to do as a family!

        (29) Family House

        One idea you can do is to take a field trip to each families home to see

        where each of the children's families live. You can make wreaths ahead of

        time to hang outside on their doors so every one can recognize a child's

        house when they stopped. The children loved seeing where each child

        loved and their little faces just beam because someone took an interest

        in something near and dear to them.......Their Family!

        (30) Special Times

        Have the parents send in a baby picture and tell about something special

        that happened on the day the child was born. Make a bulleting board display

        of the pictures and stories and read each caption about and to the children.

        (31) Home Made Books of Family Activities

        Make books with the children. One idea might be to collect logs from fast

        food adds and make a book about where each family likes to eat. The

        children can memorize the book and read each logo to the other children!

        If you can put a picture of the child on each page it makes it better!

        (32) Peanuts and Smiles

        Rinse out a milk carton, then cut a doorway and a window in it to make a

        house. Your child can make a family for the house by drawing happy faces

        on peanut shells with felt tip pens. (Don't let the children eat the peanuts

        they can choke on them).

        (33) Family Puppets

        Give each child a cut out of a person (kind of like a ginger bread man pattern)

        then let the children decorate and make any family members they wish! Then

        attach them to craft sticks for fun!

        (34) Family House

        Give the children sjapes of a house. They are the given cookie cutters in

        the shape of people and animals. The children dip the appropriate family

        member in paint and them put in their home. You can label each person.

        (35) Puzzles

        Put out puzzles relating to families and family activities on your block

        tables set up as learning stations.

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