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Our Daycare Newsletter

Newsletters are a great way to keep parents up to date on all the neat things you do through the week. Parents may not tell you that they do appreciate the newsletter but, ask them what they think. Ask them if they would like for you to keep creating a newsletter for them. Tell them in the newsletter how long it takes because it is time consuming to collect all the information for this project.

If your preparing a newsletter for you daycare parents, it can contain anything you want it to about your week long activities with their children. The items I like to use in my newsletters contain some of the following topics.

Children's Birthdays
Welcoming New Children
Children whom move
New Child Care Regulations
New items purchased
New centers offered at our daycare
Our theme of the week
Fun Recipes
Our topic we are studying in CDA
A child's accomplishments
Any reminders
A poem
Favorite Stories
Needed items for projects
New songs
Favorite Games
Special closings
Football games and information
Student of the month
Parent of the month
Any new openings
Any expactations

Here is an example of a newsletter that we put out:
Dear Parents,
Well another week has passed. Fall is coming upon us very fast. Our theme
theme for this month was "Friendships." This week we worked on the color
red. Our number was 6. Our letter was G.

Our birthdays this month are: Karen whom is 4, Sharie whom is 3 and Roger
whom will be 3 years old. Our holidays include Halloween.

Upon observing your children this week, here are the new things I have
seen your children accomplish and do.

Karen walked for the first steps.
Sharie enjoyed our new dramatic play kitchen.
Roger's favorite activity is to work at the tool bench.

This week we made marble painting's. Your child worked hard at making
these so you would be proud of them. The steps we took to marble paint
1.) We placed a paper in our cake pan.
2.) We placed a spoon full of red paint in the middle of the paper.
3.) We place a marble in the pan, on top of the paper.
4.) Your child learned eye-hand coordination skills and how to control
the marble on the paper and make designs.
5.) Yes, we got messy but we learned through the Process.

If anyone has any extra birthday decorations that they would like to
donate for our tea parties, please let me know.

Please let me know if you like the newsletters and would like to see
me continue to collect and produce the newsletters. Have a great week
Kountry Kids Daycare and Preschool

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