De Credico or Di Credico Surnames

Liza Di Credico's Family Research
Di Credico or De Credico

I have been researching every family with my surname in many
different countries of the world. Many have written back and
shared their family history with me. By obtaining my family
certificiates from the Registry Offices in the village where
my Grand Parent were from, I have built up quite a lot of my
own history.

I have also hired a Professional Genealogist Giulio,who went
into our villages and did extensive research. He was able to
trace my family history back to the 17oo's. I am so thankful
to him. To hold these certificates in my hands of century's
of research that is mine, is un-wordable.

This page contains my Di Credico Surname history from all of
the research I myself and Giulio have done. If your visiting
these pages and you have "Di Credico" in your lineage,I am
eager to hear from you.

I feel that some how I am related to every Di Credico family
in the world. We all probably originated from the start and
sharing the "DiCredico" Surname with you is an honor.

"Liza DeCredico"

Ancestors of Liza DeCredico

Alessio Di Credico married Annatonia Agostinello
(Liza DeCredico's great great great great Grand Parents)

Pietro Di Credico B. 1750 married Lucia A Giardinello
born 1750

Pietro and Lucia's children
1.)Giuseppe DiCredico B.1776 married Maria Rosa
Evangelista born 1791
(Maria's parents Carmina & Vito Andreamatteo)

Giuseppe and Maria's Children:
a.)Ilario Di Credico B. May 15, 1818 married on November
9, 1852 Carolina Baboro B. March 21, 1826(Carolina's
parents:Lucia Imbastaro & Nicolangelo Baboro
Ilario and Carolina had these children:
*CarminAntonio B. March 30, 1864 married Maria Pietrocola
born January 2,1863 (married on Novermber 3, 1882

CarminAntonio and Maria's Chidren are:
*Maria Luisa born Sept.8,1883 ma. Graziano DiCredico
*Francesco born July 17,1885 ma. Maria D'Angelo
*Angela Domenica born April 17,1887 ma. Alfonso Rabottini
*Anna born April 12,1889
*Giuseppe born January 25,1891
*Anna born February 20,1893 ma. Gaetano DiCredico
*Maria Nicola born January 12,1895 ma. Tommaso Petrongolo
*Ciriaco born October 26,1897 ma. Nunziata Puglielli
(Liza's Grand Parents are Ciriaco and Nunziata)
(Ciriaco and Nunziata had Gerald and Liza is Gerald's

*Giuseppe B. December 16,1858
*Margarita B. January 3,1862
*Lorenzo B. 1831

b.)Gabriele DiCredico born May 7,1824 married On October 16,
1862 to Rosanna Esposito.(Rosanna's parents: Saverio
Pietrocola and Maria Giuseppa Ambrosini

2.)Camilla Di Credico
3.)Stefano Di Credico
4.)Angelo Sante Di Credico B.1893

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