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Welcome to A little About Liza DeCredico and Genealogy

Welcome to my Home on the Web Pages. I hope you enjoy
you visit through my numerous pages I have created. The victorian graphics I hand picked so you would enjoy
surfing through my pages and take you back to an era in
time that I enjoy researching.

Why these webpages? Up until running across a suitcase
full of old photo's, I had no idea I even had relatives
in the beautiful country of Italy. Searching has changed
my life and it has taught me who my Grand Parents were
and where they originated from. Finding my cousins in
Italy has brought me family history, old photographs,
and friendships that are so meaningful.

I plan to share my True Life Story of my Search to help
other's search for their cousins in other countries and
give them hope that there are relatives in Italy that
do think about all their lost relatives that immigrated
away, as my Grand Parents did. The people in Italy do
care, and it has been a positive journey for me.

I have put together some helpful hints on how my search
started and things I have encountered to help other's
along their way. I hope each person whom leaves my pages
takes something with them that helps give them hope.

I plan to add numerous things to my pages and I hope it
will be a great resource page for other's like myself.
Other's wanting to know "Where their roots are from."

From all the e-mail that is generated from my web pages,
the people searching like myself must be thousands. I
offer a Surname Sharing Place to submit your surname.
One girl found her cousins only after posting her info
one day!

My first trip to Italy was in March 1997 for a week.
Now, I am off to venture out again next month to meet
my cousins yet once again, knowing more italian of
course. I will post more stories after I return.

I am currently working on my first book of all of my
searching, once published will be available for people
to purchase. I will post this information when it is

Please visit often. These pages are under construction.
I am adding new things all the time. Good Luck if your
searching for your family. And if your here just to
check out my stories and links,enjoy!

Ciao! Liza DeCredico

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