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Liza's Book of Abruzzo, Italy

I posted my True Life experience of finding my cousins in
Italy because I felt I had really been through an interesting time in my life from finding a suitcase full of
old photo's. I had no idea it would lead me to find so many
of my cousins in Italy.

Writing to them for the first time and getting a response
back was truely a big accomplishment from the distance that
seperates all of us. My Grand Father immigrated away from
Italy as a 17 year old,The reasons are unknown to me.

But re-connecting families again after 85 years has been
such a truely suprising yet rewarding experience. In a
little over 2 years of my story being posted, I have had
my story printed in 2 Genealogy Newsletters and I have
answered well over 3,000 emails.

Many of you keep wanting me to write more. Well, I am
going to Italy once again. This time with my whole family.
This will prove to be such an addition to my book. I
will arrive back in March and I am adding to my stories
here that I have posted on my pages.

My book will share yet even more things that were private
in my first trip of March 1997. More of what I felt and
the differences between Italy and my home country of the
United States. And my current trip that I am taking this
in February 1999.

I will also include more helpful hints of finding relatives
in Italy. It will include also the struggles and rewards of
keeping the relationships with my cousins in Italy strong
and trusting. Also in my book will be photographs of cities
located around Chieti,Italy.

All this due to the demand of all of you that are struggling
to go to Italy but have never been,those of you wanting to
know your cousins in Italy,but haven't made contact yet with
them, but struggling so much to know where your family roots
came from. I feel for all of you. I wish everyone all the
luck in finding a little peace in knowing you have finally
touched the grounds where you ancestors and Grand Parents
and Great Grand Parents walked, was born and grew up.

ALL of my true experiences will be put in my book of Abruzzo
when it comes out.

I hope my pages have helped many of you. From all the mail
I get from my pages, there are probably thousands of you
that have been through what I have and still wish to know
answers to questions that you have.

I wish you all the luck in searching and finding your families in Italy. It is worth all the effort, at least it
was for me.

Good Luck. Sincerely, Liza DeCredico

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Liza DeCredico's Book of Abruzzo,Italy

If you would like to be placed on my list along with others
to know when my book comes out and all the information about
when it is published, just send your full name and email
address to Liza DeCredico in an email and I will notify you
when my book is ready to purchase.

Thanks for all the mail and requests about my book. It will
definetly be a great true life experience all combined in
a great book. Liza DeCredico (February 1999)

Copyright 1998-1999 Liza DeCredico. All rights reserved.
Last Updated: February 20,1998

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