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Poems Written by Liza DeCredico (Christmas 1998)

Your in my thoughts each day (written by Liza DeCredico)

It all started with a photograph,
That was in a suitcase given to me.

I opened it, one day, with curiousity's,
Amazed at what I would see.

My Grand Father Ciriaco standing with another man,
The similarities were so easy to see.

The eyes, the nose, the same build,
This man had to be family.

I picked up the phone, to call one day,
My Uncle Lou who lives so very far away.

Asking many questions of our family history,
What little he knew was shared with me.

A few days later in checking the mail,
Ciriaco's birth certificate had much to tell.

The city, the place, the Great Grand Parents names,
With hundreds of letters I WOULD find this place.

Writing to Italy for my Family Certificates,
6 months later, what a surprise, it was so terrific.

The siblings names, birthdates and married surnames,
I typed one complete letter, contained all my claims.

Names of DiCredico, Pietrocola, Petrongolo and more,
I sent off hundreds of letters, not known what was in store.

In October of 1996, I started receiving at my home,
Letters of responses, I was no longer alone.

The happiness, the joy, the love that I felt,
For all the excitement, I was very overwhelmed.

Each cousin shared photo's,information and genealogy,
The tears of kindness and Thanking me was expressed to me.

No family member had cared before myself,
Which made our bonds grow stronger with every photo on my

After learning enough Italian words to get by,
Almost a century had passed and I had to find out WHY?

Purchasing a ticket for myself and my brother,
The memories of Italy, we shared, are like no other.

When we stepped foot where Ciriaco was born,
It was so beautiful, I felt very torn.

The buildings, the houses, the country sides,
Everything was so beautiful during our car rides.

The tears flowed with every hug we received,
With so many cousins I was so very pleased.

Snapping photos,taking movies, exploring the towns,
For only 1 week vacation we sure got around.

The food, the wine, the warmth at each house,
The comfort we felt was so wonderful.

At each home there was a warm place,
Where I always seen a frame with my own face.

Wow! What a surprise,
Other couisins with my own eyes!

Now it's time for gathering to say our good-byes,
All the presents were such a nice surprise.

I felt I belonged in Italy,
But I sure missed my Family.

I felt sadness leaving Maria and Tommaso,
But, we had people waiting so we must go.

The airplane ride wasn't so bad after all,
But being on the ground was best of all.

Upon returning home I was really glad,
The thought of being away from my family was very sad.

The time change between the two countries,
Was really hard on me.

But, I survived and I'm Proud to say,
I think about my trip so many times each day!

Written by Liza DeCredico Copyrighted by Liza DeCredico
Christmas 1998

Poems by Liza DeCredico (Christmas 1998)

My Dearest Pasquale (written by Liza DeCredico)

My thoughts are of you, many times each day.
Wondering how your doing, and if your families ok.
I feel much sadness, not being there for you.
But knowing from my search, I have done the best I can do.
The trip to Italy was so wonderful, just like I had dreamed.
To step foot where my grandparents walked,I am so proud.
Why did Carmin and Ciriaco immigrate?I ask myself each day.
I feel such a tremendous quilt, in many different ways.
Growing up I never knew, I can not understand why.
For finding each one of you, Makes me so proud.
A gift from God, whom I thank everyday.
I love you so much, In many thoughts each day.
Wishing to know more about you, the language for me is hard.
How do I know you more? Letters and photo's will do.
For until my next trip to Italy, I am always with YOU!

Written by Liza DeCredico Copyrighted by Liza DeCredico


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