Liza's Story Part 3 and 4
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Liza's Story (Part 3)

written by Liza DeCredico and copyrighted by Liza DeCredico (my e-mail address)
Who am I? Where are my roots? Where do I belong?(Part 3)

We all went for a walk up and down the busy streets of
Chieti. The hand-bricked streets and alleys were full of
history. Adalgisa takes us into this store. The man locks
the door behind us. Me and my brother are kind of wonder-
ing what we stepped into. The other man sets a velvet big
bulky package down on the table in front of is. He starts
to unroll this red velvet item, slowly. When he gets done,
he flips the cloth over from being doubled.

Here is at least 40 pockets full of Gold items. Earrings,
rings, pins, etc..... were inside each pocket. She is
purchasing a pair of Gold earrings for Liza and a Gold
ring for Davida. We made a few more stops where she had
purchased a sweater for me and an outfit for Davida. She
also picked us some presents for my family in the United
States. She was so proud and full of joy to do these
things for us, we accepted them with much Thanks!

All week our cousins took us to the "Best" restaraunts and
meeting cousins to eat with each time. At one of the
restaraunts Adalgisa had arranged a cake that was brought
out with our names on it. The message written said "Good
Luck" in Italian. We now headed back to Tommaso's house.
It was the night before leaving Italy, on our way back
to the United States.

We were relaxing in the living room. Maria was preparing
dinner. As I observed her preparing dinner, she had just
chopped lamb and placed it on this small hand grill. She
wasturning it over and over to make sure it was done.
She was cooking this in the kitchen fireplace. I was very
amazed at how she was cooking our food. I was not only
learning about them, they were teaching me my Italian
Heritage and I didn't even know it.

We sat at the table that Maria worked so hard to prepare.
Her food was wonderful! I kept saying, "Maria, Restaraunt
in America?" we would all laugh! It was now time to pack our suitcases for home. We didn't bring much with us. We
got what we had with us and packed it up. It was a little
snug, but, we managed. Once we were done, we headed down
stairs and set the luggage by the front door entrance for
easy access in the early morning hours.

Now, we headed in the kitchen for Coffee, for me it was
"Bitter" (an italian drink). It tastes like pop. All the
sudden the door bell rings. It was a lot of cousins we
visitited throught the week. They not only came to visit,
but they were each carrying many, many presents. We looked
over at our suitcases and back at all of them. We were in
a lot of trouble for we had no more suitcases. We ended
up borrowing from our cousins to get everything home.

We visited taking many photo's and shooting video of all
of us together, so that we could all remember these great
moments forever. It was time for everyone to leave for
the evening. A night full of much sadness and tears. If
it was so wonderful to find all of my family, then why
did I feel so miserable inside? We received several phone
calls from other cousins from their homes. Luckily I had
a cousin present that could translate to them, that I
loved them and I promised to come back someday, again.

It was 4:00 am in the morning. We loaded the suitcases.
Tommaso and Maria are taking us to the airport. We are all
so tired. No sleep all week. It was freightening for
Tommaso to drive that early in the morning with all the
curvy roads, but, we made it, safely to the airport.

We are checking our bags in at the Leonardo Divinchi
Airport. We all sit down on the benches. We are dreading
the moments ahead of us to say our "Good-Byes." We parted
with many tears and very few words, always turning around
to get a last glance. I didn't know the exact words for
what I was feeling, but my big brown eyes I inherited
from my Italian family spoke for themselves at this time.

Not knowing if and when I returned in Italy, my cousins
would all still be as they were, when I returned. There,
preserved in time! I had many questions in my mind at this
point, like: "How could my Grand Father leave such a
loving, and proud family?" and "How could ne never return
to where his roots were?" I myself wanted to live in 2
different worlds. America, a world in which I know how to
survive and am proud of, yet, I am always looking for
family type friends. And, then there was Italy. A world
in which I knew who I was and where I wanted to be and
where I knew my true family was at. I felt all the guilt
I could for my Grand Father's actions of almost 85 years

Upon leaving to arrive in Italy, I was so excited and
smiled at everyone around me full of happiness to share.
No one on the airplane seemed to have my same feelings.
Now I understood them. On my way home, after being in the
hospital, having little sleep, drinking around 200 wines,
coffee's and bitters, It didn't matter who was sitting
next to me, I just wanted to sleep. And, Yes, I learned
how to sleep sitting up in the Airplane chairs.

I had the trip of my life I enjoyed so much, but, my life
that I knew in Italy came to a stop. My cousin Tommaso
whom I left in the airport with tears in his eyes, asked
one thing of me, whe leaving the airport in Rome. He just
wanted me to video the experience of taking off and
landing in an airplane. I suppose he was a little nervous
about coming to the United States and wanted to see for
himself what it was like.

I was hand carrying my video recorder and I asked the
stewardess if I could tape taking off and she rudely had
said "NO!" to me. Now, I had to think to myself. My cousin
takes us in, rents a bus so my whole family can meet us
at the airport, walks us all around ROme, fees us at the
best restaraunts, drives us around all week to meet each
cousin, buys us figts and this lady is telling me, That
I can not give this little request to my cousin?

Well, you should know me by now. I wait until the lady is
in her seat. I pick up my video recorder and I point it
at my brother. He waves at the camera to Tommaso. (He
doesn't really think we should be doing this). Then, I
point it towards myself and say "Hello Tommaso, this
video is for you!" and I tape what my cousin asks of me.

I tape taking off from Rome and I tape going over the
Corsica Islands. I also taped landing in New York (which
turned out to be Tommaso's favorite part). He enjoyed
seeing all the lights lit at night from the airplane. It
was beautiful! I finally ran out of batteries, but, I
got my video footage and I was very happy,too.

Liza's Story (Part 4)

written by Liza DeCredico and copyrighted by Liza DeCredico
my e-mail address is

Who am I? Where are my roots? Where do I belong?

We finally arrived at the airport an hour away from our
home. Our family was there to greet us. Suprised at our
condition that we were in, I could not help but ask the
question. "Could we go and get a big mac?" In Italy they
have such great food, but, we are not exposed to fast
food as we are in the United States.

After about 2 weeks of resting and having bad jet leg,
our lives were getting back to normal. I copied all of
the video tapes and sent a copy to Tommaso and Pasquale.
I gave them more than I ever knew I would. I made video's
while at each cousins house.

But, the cousins that captured my heart the most was
Pasquale and his wife Olga. They are in their 70's.
We took many photo's and shot a lot of video tape while
at their home. They would cry and cry to tell me their
lives story while they were young. All the suffering
they experienced when they were younger and taken away
to concentration camps. Never fed food. Their pain was
easy to understand. It was a short visit that I wish
would of lasted longer.

My cousin Ada, whom know's english, would translate their
stories to me and Davida, so we would know their sadness
and pain. After we talked for a while, Olga went into the
kitchen. She brought out these little home made pizza
squares. On each pizza square were flags of Itlay and
America. For our cousins Ada, it was Switzerland flags,
where she was from. It was humerous and we had to laugh
for the nice idea and thoughts of doing this for all of

We took many photo's, however, when we left, I requested
a photo of "Pasquale and Olga" together, alone. And they
did what I asked and posed for the photograph.

Well back in America at the presernt day. Tommaso had
called to tell me that our cousin Olga had Morte.. She
had a painless heart attack. Despite all the efforts to
bring her to life, she was gone. This I was never really
prepared for. I could only listen to TOmmaso cry. I
didn't hardly say a word, for I had so much grief for
"My Pasquale." How could this happed to his wife Olga.

The funeral was the next morning. Liza could not get there
that fast, but, I wanted to support him. I picked up the
telephone to only hear Pasquales tears and sob's. He was
trying to explain to me exactly what happened to Olga.
I coudn't understand exactly what he was saying, but, I
listened to be there for him.I had sent him the video's
and they got them 2 weeks before Olga's death. See, Olga
was on these video's a lot. And that photo of Pasquale
and Olga that I insisted on? Well I had it made real big
and I had it on my wall in my home...

I took the photo off of my wall and I mailed it to them.
It was a part of him at this time in which I shared with
them. I felt like I was sharing a small piece of time
with them since I couldn't be there personally. I called
him and he just kept saying "Grazie, Grazie, Grazie!"
for the photograph. His Olga had been preserved in my
photograph with him forever! A memory of our time we all
spent together and of much happiness!

I stopped my research when I returned home. I had to stop
and take a few steps back and look at my life now. It
was a lot to handle. It was all like a dream and I had
to touch the ground and make sure I was in reality. For
the past 5 years of writing to every DiCredico family in
10 countries brought me my family. A family I never knew
I had. A few months wet by. I went to my computer and I
started doing my family research again. Since then, I
have also located my Pietrocola relatives in Argentina
and Brazil. I will keep searching forever.

I am still searching for one of my Lost Great Uncles
named Giuseppe or Joseph Di Credico. He was born on
January 25, 1891 in Torrevecchia Teatina Chieti, Abruzzee,
Italy. If anyone has any information about this person
please contact me. I will be bringing you more stories
to my webpages as time goes on and my search continues.

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