To My Cousin Danielle Liza Pietrocola
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Liza's DeCredico's Poem To Danielle Liz Pietrocola and Family

My Danielle Liz Pietrocola

Searching with letters and long windy roads,
Where my search will end, nobody knows.

I can never forsee my searches coming to an end,
I am always searching for a cousin or a friend.

Finding on "Special Family" in different countries,
The happiness I feel is over-whelming to me.

Who would of thought, when I started looking for you,
From old documents and photo's my dreams soon would come

Tears of happiness in finding you, I love you so much!
Someday we will meet, hugs I will bring you a bunch.

But, for now we must settle, for phone calls and cards,
Trying to understand how our families got seperated, for me,
is very hard.

I will hold you, everyday, in my heart so near.
For the bond we have together is so very dear.

This poem I wrote is from me to you,
Please keep it with you always for our friendship is so

Now I must say Bye, so until next time,
Remember me always, for I am one of a kind!

written by Liza DeCredico Copyrighted by Liza DeCredico
Christmas 1998