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Thanks for submitting your Italian Surnames to my pages! If you don't see your surname listed, feel free to email me or submit it to my guestbook.

Here is part two of Liza's Italian Surnames through emails.

Here is an alphabetical submission page of part 3 of the Italian Surnames submitted that start with the letters A through G's. I had to split the pages due to the volume of Italian Surnames that have been submitted to me. Some surnames are repeated due to many researches tracing family lines with the same surnames.

If you have located possible relatives from my posting your surnames, please send me an email and let me know.It's always good to hear I have helped re-connect families with my pages. All my donated time in these pages are well worth the effort.

Adelitzo, Adelizzi, , , , , , Alessi, Angeloni, Antonelli , Aquafresca, , , Baldesarre, , , , , , Barbetta, Basciano, Beltrami , Bensa, Bianco, Bonacelli, , , , , , Bottos, Calufati, Caranfa, Cascioli, Cercone, Chicarelli, , , , , , Ciancimino, Ciccone, Cinquegrana , Cinquegrani , Cinquegrano , Cintion , D'Addario, De Cesaris, Deliso, DeLuca, , DePeri, , Deviato , DiCicco, Di Felice, Di Virgilio, , , , , Edile, Forli, , , , , , , Gambino, Garzelli, Geruti, Geniti, Geovina, Geovina, Giarizzo, Giovanna, , ,

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