"Liza's Helpful Hints in Finding her cousins in Italy"

      Due to the abundance of mail I get each day from all of
      you wanting to know how to find your cousins in Italy, I
      have come up with these helpful hints that helped me find
      my cousins in Italy. My Webpages have generated a lot of

      So, here is a compilation of Liza's ideas that helped me
      find my cousins in Italy. I can not guarantee that you
      will find your cousins by using these ideas, but, I can
      share with you how I found mine.

      I do my research different than most people. I feel
      everyday that goes by is a precious day that is less
      in knowing an elderly cousin. I look for people who are
      alive and then work my way back in time, through family
      history and old photographs.

      Sometimes your family you find has little to share as far
      as dates, but, pictures are just as valuable, at least they
      are to me.

      I thought that just because my cousins live in Italy,
      that they should know all the family history. But, I have
      found that I know more then they do living clear in another
      country many thousands of miles away.

    Here are Liza's Hints that found her cousins in Italy

    1.)REGISTRY OFFICES-I wrote to the registry office in the
    city where my grandfather was born. I had to send money
    (cash) in with the request.

    2.)FAMILY CERTIFICATES-Once I got my family certificates
    back from the registry office, I wrote one complete letter
    of all of my family information and claims.

    3.)ENGLISH OR ITALIAN-I thought it was a good idea to write
    a version in english on one side and a version in italian
    on the other side. Between the 2 letters, my cousins would
    get the complete idea of what I was searching for and what
    I expected from them (to find my cousins).

    4.)THE WHITE PAGES FOR ITALY-On my main cover of my italian
    genealogy webpages, I have a link that says"Liza's favorite
    italian genealogy links." The second button down after
    entering that page is the telephone white pages for all of
    Italy. I put my surname and city in these blanks and pulled
    up everyone with my surname and started writing. Yes, there
    was over 400 DiCredico's in Italy.By clicking on a specific
    name,a person can obtain a zipcode, telephone number and
    address of each person to write to them.

    5.)ADDRESSING LETTERS-When I address a letter to Italy, I
    always write the name of who it's to like this:

    ***Per Liza DeCredico e famiglia*** This way if a family
    member is deceased that you were originally writing to,the
    other family members will open the letter instead of return-
    ing it back to you. My letters looked like this as an
    example> Per Mr.Palatta e famiglia
    101 Torino
    77100 Vasto (Chieti)

    6.)SENDING LETTERS-When I mail a letter I always send it
    "AIRMAIL." You pay for it and if you don't specify how you
    want to send it to the postmaster, he can send it either
    air or ground. Air takes 7 to 14 days and Ground takes
    1 month to 6 months (depending on the month it is mailed).

    7.)POSTAL COUPONS-I have bought postal coupons to put in
    my letters, however my cousins have said they are useless
    in some cities.

    8.)INTERNATIONAL MONEY ORDERS- I have also taken time to
    order many $5.00 money orders to send for my family
    certificates. I have paid $7.00 to 10.00 per certificate
    to get them changed from American money to Italian Money
    Orders. Then, after I send them with my request to Italy,
    they send them back, not wanting to collect any money for
    the family certificates. Then when I got to cash them in
    at the bank, the bank wants to charge me another $7.00 to
    $10.00 (each money order) to exchange them from Italian
    money orders to American dollars. I have a lot of italian
    money orders in my scrap books.

    9.)SENDING CASH TO ITALY-My letters I send to Italy and get
    from Italy have had the bottom of the letters cut out like
    in the shape of a v or u. The money is removed. I have many
    ways to solve this problem. One of them is to insert foil
    as big as the letter, inside the envelope. THis makes it
    almost impossible to see in the letter to trace cash money.
    (This is what I have been told from friends).

    10.)ITALIAN TRANSLATOR PROGRAMS-I do use a translating
    program. However, my cousins have complained that they are
    unable to understand some of the phrases, that I write.
    No program can take the place of a human person but for
    myself, I have no schools around me to each me. So, I have
    learned one word at a time. A translator program for your
    computer is very handy when you have to keep communicating
    with your cousins in Italian and you don't know their

    11.)DiCredico's and DeCredico's-When I write to people that
    have my Italian Surnames, I always keep their research they
    share with me filed in a book labeled with the surname on
    it. I use the plastic liners from a store and keep it at
    my finger tips for easy access. Just because their research
    might not match now, it may match with yours 100 years ago.

    12.)CREATE YOUR OWN WEB PAGES-I have had so many people with
    my surname write to me. The web pages have been wonderful!
    You can produce a web page from page editors. You can pick
    out things to write and put on your pages and press the
    button and it is done. Not to hard.

    13.)ITALIAN SURNAMES AMERICANIZED-I kept in mind that MOST of
    my Italian Relatives Surnames were Americanized when coming
    into the United States during immigration times. Most of
    my relatives that were italian couldn't write or speak
    the english language, therefore left little emotion to try
    and defend their families "TRUE" Italian Spellings.

    14.)ITALIAN SURNAMES VARIATIONS-I put the first few letters of
    Italian surnames in the white pages. For example, the name
    Parenti,I found that if I submit the first few letters such
    as "Pare" in the italian white pages, many different names
    came up that could of been my surname because of the wrong
    name written down during immigration. If someone is having
    a hard time researching a line, this may be the cause,
    I would keep an open mind to all the spelling variations
    that come up in the white pages for Italy on the internet.
    I found Parenti,Parente,Parenta and more.....

    15.)CHRISTMAS PRESENTS TO ITALY-I send all of my Christmas
    presents in October,including Christmas cards. This has
    guarenteed me that all my Christmas presents are arriving
    to all my cousins in plenty of time.

    16.)POSTAL EXPENSE ON POUNDAGE-I have found that the cheapest
    way to send packages to Italy is in 2 pound packages. This
    goes for small package partial cost. From the cost it is
    really easier to send cash for presents. But, this is the
    most economic way if you have to send a small package to
    a loved one in Italy.

    17.)INTERNATIONAL WHITE PAGES-With seaching the internet I did
    find photo pages for many different countries.I wrote to
    EVERY family in EVERY country with my Italian surnames. It
    is possible to find cousins in Canada,Australia,Argentina,
    United States,Other parts of Italy and more countries.Keep
    and open mind.

    18.)SEND A PHOTOGRAPH-With my first letter to Italy, I tried to
    always send a wallet sized photograph. This creates a first
    bond with you and your cousins. On my first trip to meet my
    cousins in Italy, I seen my Photo in a frame at EVERY house
    so much more special.

    19.)SOUND INDEX CERTIFICATES-A person can go to the Family
    History centers located all over the United States. A person
    can order by sound index,all the films with their Italian
    Surnames. For example if I was looking for DiCredico in the
    city of Chieti, I could go to the church, order the films by
    sound index through the church. Photocopy all that pertain
    to your family you are researching.

    20.)SOUND INDEX CERTIFICATES MATCHING-My couisn Joseph went to
    the Family History Center and researched one surname in his
    family. For example he searched Pietrocola, he ordered the
    films for all one surname for all one city, photocopied all
    of the certificates on the films, took all of these home and
    pieced them all together. He has built quite an empire of
    information.(Thanks to Joseph for sharing this tip).

    21.)SEARCH ENGINES-There are tons of Search Engines on the
    internet. Some are Italian search engines. I put my surname
    of in each one and wrote to all the persons in each web page.

    created web pages for ALL of the families with the surnames
    of DiCredico and DeCredico's to sign. Once placing the
    surname of DiCredico or DeCredico on my pages, the search
    engines sweep that information up and offer it to all the
    persons researching that surname. Many families have found
    me this way and signed my guestbook.

    23.)CREATE AN EMAIL PAGE-If you find other families with your
    Italian Surnames and want their addresses posted for others
    to contact them as well, then start a email page of all the
    people whom have your same interest. I would get permission
    from each family first,before posting their information

    24.)EMAIL SEARCH ENGINES. I have listed these on my favorite
    genealogy links.I put the Italian Surnames in each engine
    and wrote to all of the people with my surnames.

    Copyright 1998-1999-2000 by Liza DeCredico. All rights reserved.These
    These helpful hints were listed on this page to share with other
    people searching for their lost families as I am. These are not
    to be linked to or reproduced in any way. Prosecution will be
    followed for stealing my information on my web pages. Please
    write for permission pertaining to my ideas. Liza DeCredico
    UPDATED ON December 1999
    I am not liable or responsible
    for anyone using my ideas, these are hints that I experienced
    and it was requested of me to share the steps I took to find my
    family to help that other's may succeed from my true life

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